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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Personal Blood Work and Testosterone Levels

Getting my testosterone levels checked is one of my goals. I can now officially cross it off my goals list.

2 days ago I bought a blood test and got my blood drawn. 24 hours later (a pleasant surprise) I had my results waiting for me in my email's inbox.

Here's what my levels look like:

Seeking a more accurate range to compare myself to, I found this site (linked from a useful article on The Art of Manliness). According to Normal Testosterone Levels in Men (Non-Diabetic) table - measuered in nanograms per decilitre (ng/dL) - I have the testosterone of a 55 year old man.


In fact, I actually have a testosterone count that is a bit lower than the average 55 year old man's. 

Of my age group (<25 years old) I suspect I am in the bottom 20 percent as far as my levels go - faaar from optimal operating levels. 

My luteinizing hormone as well is at the low end of the range provided.

 Estradiol, too seems comparatively low. On the same site, healthy E2 levels are cited at 20-30 pg/ml. But because estrogen in males is produced via manipulating testosterone that has already been produced, I suspect that my E2 level is low because my total testosterone is low, which means that my body is not overly producing estrogen - a good sign!

My Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is surprisingly high compared to the rest of my numbers (I think...), but I suspect that this is simply genetic. As has been pointed out by many, I have some hairy-ass legs, along with thick eyebrows and head hair that grows out quickly.

I am also not fully physically mature (which I honestly think is generational/environmental - I know 25, 26, 27 year olds that look like they are still in highschool) and thus these levels may be elevated due to physiological changes associated with puberty.

The sum of the parts?

I have low testosterone.

I have suspected this for awhile.

Since I've turned 19, my overall wellbeing has been detoriating relative to how I felt when I was 18. Feelings of fatigue have followed me for awhile now. My libido has definetely suffered since I was 18, and I have been experienced some symptoms of erectile dysfunction...

I have also been retaining much more fat around my stomach than ever before. Typically rather lean, I have attained a noticeable pot belly when I take my shirt off (noticeable enough that others have commented on it). I've also had more pronounced memory problems.

Emotionally speaking I've been much more prone to stress and anxiety. Even during the course of this blog, my motivation has been fleeting at best, and I have been easy prey for my black dog as of late.

These are all symptoms of low testosterone, and while I may be falling prey to hindsight bias, the bloodwork speaks for itself.

So how do I expect to combat my low testosterone?

5 of the 12 habits directly contribute towards increasing natural testosterone.

I also plan to expirement with posture exercises and artificial sunlight over the 30 day period.

At the end of the 30 Days, I will order another bloodtest for myself to see how my levels have changed, and I will dedicate a post to the experience and my bloodwork. 

I will officially start this 30 Days of Discipline this coming Monday, the 15th of September.

Curious about your own testosterone levels?

I literally followed this post at Danger and Play step-by-step to get my bloodwork done. The total cost for the test was 55 bucks and 20 minutes in a waiting room.

 After that, all it took was a little help from Google to interpret my results. Mens Hormonal Health has some great, free, useful information. 

This procedure is specific to the U.S. I do not know how one would attain such tests abroad, but I doubt it is impossible.

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