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Monday, August 25, 2014


This entire post was written in raw Hyper-Text Markup Language.

Log of Learning

I am 20 pages in HTML and CSS. Page 20 is the first page with code on it.

HTML is actually rather simple to understand. Of course, I am still very new to it. The only tags I have utilized so far are the paragraph, body, heading, bold, and italic tags.
I've also learned about strong tags, and tags for emphasis. These are considered semantic markup, and even though they are bolded and italicized, they are used mostly for the benefit they might bring for people using screen-readers, or how the information is registered on search engines, and should not be used for their visible effect on the text.

Today is the 25th of August. That means the day I started to learn HTML, there were 269 days before I turn 20.

C2H60 is truly a miracle substance.
Many attribute Benjamin Franklin to saying Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. While it makes for good shop-lore for micro brewers of America, in reality Benjamin Franklin said this:
Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.
Black Science Guy is an American astrophysicist, popular for being a science guy and being black at the same time.
It's Sputnik.
NASA has done some crazy space shit. Like Sputnik. That shit was crazy.

The following information is true false: This statment is false true.


This page has quickly deteriorated into nothing but a mis-mash of entirely irrelevant material, scraps of thoughts, and musings that aren't even that original and would serve no purpose anywhere else in this blog. This page is like Frankenstein's Monster, created from the discarded and disused thoughts that run in my head, remnants of the time
weeksaeonsago when I would spend countless hours aimlessly drifting through the interwebs, restlessly flitting between porn sites, wandering the Isle of Funny Junk, exploring the Land of Steam, and curiously training my eyes on the Jungle of 4Chan, walking on the edge but never venturing far into its unknown. I call this peiod of time my Dark Age .

In HTML, there are three types of lists.
  1. Ordered Lists
  2. Unordered Lists
  3. Definition Lists

Ordered Lists
Lists that order listed items numerically
Unordered Lists
Lists that are not ordered, using bullet points in place of numerals
Definition Lists
A list that lists and defines terms, like this one

  • This list
  • was done
  • from memory
    • This nested list
    • was not
  • Still a victory

I will be updating this post as I learn more. Here I will document the the tags I learn to use.

6 chapters until CSS! The next chapter is on links

Also, started up on Code Academy today. Learning about links now, just like in chapter 4.

Looking to learn some code yourself? (Opens a new tab.)
Superscripts and subscripts.
Bold, italics.
Line breaks and line rules.
Emphasis and strong importance.
Quotes (which don't work in Internet Explorer) and blockquotes, which I think look nicer anyways.
Abbreviation and acronym titles. With HTML 5, acronyms use the same tag as abbreviations.
Citing tags, deleted and inserted content, and defining instances of the first use of a term.
the < s > tag: innacurate information that is no longer true but that should not be deleted.
Lists. This should have taken me half an hour to accomplish. Instead I dragged this out for three days.
Links. Links to other sites, other sites in new tabs, other places on the same site (no example shown), other places on the same page.
Images. Alt text to provide info if the reader cannot view the image for some reason. Title to write what shows up on mouse hover. Can specify width and height. Align tags may show up in older code. Figure and Caption tags used to associate pics with specific captions.

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