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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Monthly Review

Today is the last day of August first day of September. While this site hasn't been up for a month, I want to get in the habit of doing a monthly review of myself and make sure I'm on track to meet or exceed each one of my goals. 

Two weeks ago I was wasting time with porn, videogames, and endless Netflix binges. I had allowed myself to stagnate, and as I result I was sinking into depression. 

While I have stumbled a bit these past two weeks, I am maintaining course. At the very least I've established where I want to go. 

If I'm being completely honest with myself, right now I lack true vigor for attaining these goals. I have yet to obtain the obsession I had once before. Very often I must force myself to act in line with my goals. My actions are forced; my heart is not in it. But I know in time this will get easier. My fire will grow. I will once again become obsessed. 

I have faith.

For now, all I can do is keep grinding. Everything's a slog. Even a rebirth.

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