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Friday, August 22, 2014


My mindset used to be Killer

I found an old essay I wrote for an assignment during my brief period of community college. Let's take a look at the mindset I once held...

Here are some key quotes from it, to give you an idea how I once thought.

" " "

Nothing beats the finality of death. When I lay dead, that's it. There is no more that I can do in this life. I'm done...  I whisper to myself "memento mori" - remember death. This simple reminder reinvigorates my burning desire for accomplishment, and renews my spirits in the war with the entropic forces of Sloth.

      The most important thing to me... is independence... My time is gold. My time is finite. Trading time for an hourly wage is like selling gold for its weight in pennies. The money that I make independently and autonomously is worth ten times the money I that I make as an employee.

     The projects I will pursue will be the projects that I choose  and want to pursue. I will be working towards my vision. That freedom alone is worth the lack of job security and other benefits that comes with being self-employed.

     The soul is restricted by the physical and mental limitations of the human body. By keeping my body healthy, and by extent keeping my mind sharp, I am minimizing the limitations of my body and maximizing the potential output of my soul.

" " "

When I was 18 there was a fire raging inside me, a burning obsession, and I wasn't afraid to show it. This essay was only 1 part of the assignment. The other part was a presentation to the rest of the class.

I stood in front of my peers and told them the exact same thing.

Here are some selected slides from my presentation.

Fun Fact: I created that hourglass from scratch in MS Paint. Pixel Art Skills = l33t

What happened to me? Compared to 18 Year Old me, 19 Year Old me is a fucking pussy.

I was ready to kill. Now I can hardly focuse myself.

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