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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Today I was feeling kind of shitty.

     I've been much less productive with this "blog" than I wanted to. I only got through half of my new workout routine lastnight. I've been procrastinating on my Real Estate Classes for months now, even though I told myself I was going to start them up again with the advent of this blog.

I let my mind focus on the negative things without even once giving a thought to the little victories I've accomplished.

For one, I started this blog. Ever since I wrote my 20 Goals down, my behaviour has been shifting more and more in line with what I want to accomplish.

 I haven't skipped a workout. Every day I tell myself "I'm going to the gym," I go to the gym.

I had a succesful first shift with my new canvassing job.

But these thoughts never entered my mind. 

     Aside from the negative thoughts, I did very little today. I made a large to-do list lastnight, before I went to bed. But between the unnatural brain-fog I experienced due to a large dose of melatonin pills, and the sedentary state I put myself in when I woke up and skipped my morning routine, I had done very little of it.

The thing that turned my day around?

I had to get ready for work.

I took my cold shower, got dressed, figured out where I needed to go, and suddenly realized I felt ten times better in that moment than I did 20 minutes ago. 

I didn't neccesarily want to do these things. But I had to.

I despise the fact that it was an external factor that forced me into action. But it's still a fact. I can recognize the lesson here. 

My mood is in my control. 

It was the actions that I took that caused my mood to change. These actions were simple, and cost me very little in the way of willpower; I do these things every day.

Of course, I knew this before. The sites I visit and the books I read have gone through this topic again and again. But understanding it and doing it are night and day apart.

Now that I've experienced, it will be easier to follow this course of action in the future.

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